Why sell with MerchCarnival?

Increased Audience Exposure
 E-Commerce Services
Vendor Opportunities
Increased Exposure
Fulfillment Services Vendor Opportunities
Expand your brand to global market and a growing community of lovers of Caribbean culture.
 We offer fulfillments services and will warehouse and ship your products to your customers worldwide.
MerchCarnival is not only online, we host and participate in various pop up shop and festivals throughout the years. 


  • E-Commerce - We provide an online platform for vendors to connect and sell their merchandise to their customers all over the world. From apparel to home goods, we love promoting Caribbean-inspired goods.
  • Warehousing/Shipping - We provide warehousing and shipping services, so products can be delivered to consumers directly. We ship through USPS and UPS worldwide.
  • Merchandising - We will tag and package your products to your specifications.
  • Pop Up Shops - Throughout the year, MerchCarnival hosts and partners with various vendors to set up pop up shops (ranging from (1 -3 days). This is the perfect opportunity for customers to meet your brand, first hand. Your products will be featured and for purchase at every event that we host or attend. Previously, we have vended and hosted pop up shops in Baltimore, Philadelphia, Raleigh, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. 

How It Works:

  • MerchCarnival looks for high quality Caribbean-Inspired Looks. Can be apparel, accessories, or home goods.
  • MerchCarnival accepts products to be featured by each vendor
  • Vendors can provide their own product photos, or MerchCarnival can take these photos
  • MerchCarnival charges a $25 monthly feature fee
  • MerchCarnival takes 20% commission on all sales. Vendors will receive monthly payout of all sales.
  • Vendors must commit to a minimum 3 month period to sell goods.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at info@merchcarnival.com